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Our Vehicles


Golf 7

  • 2 x Golf with petrol engine

  • 2 x Golf with diesel engine

Our car training for class B takes place in stylish 7 golf courses. The Golf has been a very popular and, above all, reliable driving school car for decades. It is easy to use and equipped with the latest technology to bring you closer to the new driver assistance systems. We have lane keeping and parking assistants as well as digital displays and navigation devices and of course an air conditioning system "on board".

Trailer couplings are also installed for the BE and B96, as well as a maneuvering assistant for trailer operation. It is important to us that the vehicles are constantly maintained and in perfect condition in order to give you the best possible learning situation.

VW Arteon

  • VW Arteon 2.0 DSG automatic

Our latest vehicle is a fully equipped Arteon. Since the "automatic control" will fall from 2020, we have expanded our vehicle fleet.

The Arteon is a limousine with a high level of comfort and ease of use.

It will be available from the end of January 2020.

Kawasaki Z650

  • Kawasaki Z650 lowered 68 hp - Class A.

  • Kawasaki Z650 48 HP throttled - Class A2

We train class A with a Kawasaki Z650 Bj. 2020. This is lower so that everyone really has the chance to get the A driver's license. Another Z680 throttled to 48 hp is available for class A2.

In addition, we have different benches, which means we are variable in seat height. Everyone can drive a motorcycle, with us it shouldn't fail because of the seat height !!

Honda CB650R

  • Honda CB650R 95.2 HP lowered - Class A.

  • Honda CB650R 48 hp throttled - Class A2

  • 202kg full tank

We train classes A and A2 with a Honda CB650R. A beautiful, 4 cylinder powered two-wheeler, which is characterized by good handling and smoothness. This is lowered so that everyone really gets the chance to get the A or A2 driving license. Everyone can drive a motorcycle, with us it shouldn't fail because of the seat height.

Honda CB125R

  • Honda CB125R 15 14PS

We train class A1 with a Honda CB 125 R built in 2019. The small, smart speedster is made for beginners: it is very easy to drive due to its low weight and maneuverability. We lowered the machine by 6 cm so that even the youngest could have a chance to cruise.

Aprilia SR50

  • Aprilia SR50 3.5 HP - Class AM

We train the "scooter driving license" class AM on a chic Aprilia scooter. He drives a maximum of 45 km / h. You can get this driver's license at the age of 16. It is a clever alternative to the A1 driving license, because there are no special trips.

Humbaur 2.5 to

  • Humbaur 2.5 to - classes BE and B96

We are training classes BE and B96 with a new, beautiful 2.5 ton trailer from Humbaur. Due to the double axis, it can be "pushed" very well and is quite easy to control. Reversing is child's play with the maneuvering assistant.

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